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Cornerstone Montgomery


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About Us

For over 40 years, Cornerstone Montgomery (formerly St. Luke?s House and Threshold Services United) has empowered people living with mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders to live, work, and integrate successfully within the community. Cornerstone Montgomery is an independent, nonsectarian, nonprofit 501c(3) organization which serves over 2,400 adults and transition age youth throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. Our Vocational Department matches qualified individuals with mental health disabilities to competitive positions in the workforce. Our process involves learning about a business and matching a qualified candidate who is motivated to work and who will benefit a business to ultimately help it grow. Our services are of no cost to you or our clients. In FY13, 67% of our nearly 500 participants were employed and 66% held their jobs for over a year (earning and paying taxes on estimated earnings of $3.6 million!).

Cornerstone Montgomery can help you:

· Find prescreened applicants

· Save Money with up to $4,200 in tax credits per hire

· Reduce your workload to give you happier employees

· Get extra help for free with short term internships/apprenticeships and let you take a look at candidates in a no-pressure situation

· Ensure ongoing success in an employee with supports tailored to help the employee and employer
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